RCgallery takes its name from Remigio Cantagallina, a fellow of Giulio Parigi's equipe in the Medici's Florence of the 17th century. Giulio Parigi's academy developed a novel and more authentic interpretation of landscape iconography that Filippo Baldinucci defined "un bello e nuovo modo di toccar di penna vaghissimi paesi" ("a fine and novel manner of sketching remote villages in pen"). The gallery gives credit to this poorly recognized segment of art history that truly embodies the Italian artistic and engineering spirit and inspired our passion for old master drawings.

We have been interested in old master drawings and paintings since 1998.

The Library of Congress (Washington, DC, USA) has digitalized the "Sketchbook on military art, including geometry, fortifications, artillery, mechanics, and pyrotechnics" (from the Lessing J. Rosenwald collection). Written between 1592 and 1608, the sketchbook is probably by the hand of Giulio Parigi (Florence 1571-1631) and it represents a unique insight into his mathematical and artistic skills. Remarkably, it marks the birth of the practical use of the matrix analysis of risks in the management of systems.

RContemporary has just been lunched and will be a window for talented contemporary artists.